As with most things in life, a little care and attention goes a long way. Here are some helpful guides on getting the most out of your magnets.


Your magnet is, well, it’s a magnet! And magnets attract ferrous materials, so be sure to regularly remove and clean the back of the magnet to remove any small steel particles that could scratch your car. NEVER leave your magnets on the vehicle for extended (months) periods of time. They need to be removed, cleaned, and preferably placed in a slightly different location every 2 to 4 weeks. Your magnets can be cleaned with warm soapy water and rinsed under clean tap water. Remember to clean the vehicle surface too.



Keep information to a NEED TO KNOW minimum: While magnets are fantastic, they’re not exactly massive stationery billboards next to the highway. They’re much smaller, and they’re on a moving vehicle. So trying to list every single thing you do is pointless and a counter productive. So instead of listing everything, find one word or one short sentence to describe your business. You want your audience to call or email you. That’s more important that the company name in our opinion. You’re selling a service or a product to solve a problem for the buyer, NOT your company name! Of course you need to attach your brand and name to your solution, but nobody will remember you if they don’t ever get around to trying your company.



Remember to inform your insurance company of your intended use of the magnets to advertise your business. Most insurance companies have specific exclusions if a personal vehicle is being used for business use. So should your vehicle have advertising on it, even if it is just magnets, you might pay an extra penalty or even completely void your cover should the vehicle be in an accident or other incident. The adage fits well here, “Rather be safe than sorry”.



For short term storage the packaging that your magnets came in can be used. For example: if you would like to remove the magnets over weekends, then they can be stored in the boot of the vehicle in the original packaging. For longer durations they should be stored flat, laying down, preferably in the original package. If you have a fridge or metal surface out of sunlight then this too can serve as a storage platform.



Your magnets will serve you well for many years if looked after. But, they have their limits. Never mount them over beadings, dents, re-painted surfaces, dirty surfaces, etc. They should never have any air gaps between them and the surface of the vehicle. Doing this will cause them to deform, and almost certainly come loose whilst driving. Some magnets do tend to display deformation if left in the sun over extended months of use. Eg: Your vehicle is parked at the office in the same spot which sees direct sunlight during the day. We recommend removal of the magnet during these hours as the repeated exposure over prolonged (months) period will deform the magnet.



Never ever fit your magnet over beadings, EG: side bumper strips, trim etc. While you can place the magnets over small, narrow recesses, it’s not advised. The best manner of fitment is on a clean, flat surface area of the vehicle. Should your magnet size not fit in the space and is interrupted by beading or recesses, then rather advise us and we can offer some solution, eg: splitting the magnets, changing the size and ratio.